About Small and Fancy

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& Fancy: AKA Paul & Nancy have extensive experience as entertainers in the music industry, combining a wide repertoire with polished professionalism, they can make a success of any corporate or private event.



Paul has been involved in entertainment as a successful singer and guitarist for many years.

Starting his career in Canada and then performing in Spain and the U.S., after teaming up with his partner, Nancy in Spain.

His many tours have now brought him here to Ireland. Paul and Nancy's voices blend soothingly and complement each other so well.



A singer with an outstanding voice that will leave you captivated. Powerful yet full of expression, a blend of the crisp clarity of Karen carpenter and the sultry husk of Elkie Brooks.

An accomplished piano player too, Nancy will often start an evening acoustically, with only her voice and grand piano, before being joined by Paul for the full sound backing and harmonies that lift the house.


A Proven Track Record

Without a doubt the entertainment industry is constantly changing and requirements with it.

Despite that, this resilient and resourceful act are still much sought after due to their ability to keep any audience entertained.

Small & Fancy are successful because they pay attention to the needs of the audience and the client.